XJ1535 Muti-step woodworking cnc router machine

Muti-step CNC Woodworking machine:

1.Muti-spindle 3d cnc router machine

2.Time-saving woodworking CNC router
3.High-effciency cnc router
4.Vacuum table

Using industry:

(1)The cnc machine center is designed for the customers for a high standard,high demand,high degree of automation,Suitable for large-volume,all-weather processing of non-ferrous,metal plate.

(2)A large area flat plate engraving,wood,panel furniture,carving,wood art murals,wood door,cabinet door sculpture
(3)Wood product industry:Sewing machine table,electrical counter face,sports equipment.
Musical instrument industry:Three-dimensional surface can be carved musical instruments,shape cutting.

1 Modle XJ-1535 cnc router
2 Working area  1300*4000*200mm
3 Dimension 1580*3550mm
4 Table-board 7.5kw Vacuum table
5 Dustc 2.2kw double dust collector
6 Control System DSP off-line control panel with USB interface(128MB)
7 Max Motion Speed 25m/min
8 Dictate Formate G code, *.u00, *.mmg, *.plt
9 Control System NC Studio (DSP off-line controller option)
10 Power 500W
11 Operating Voltage AC380V/50Hz
12 Spindle 4.5kw water-cooling spindle,24000 rpm/min
13 Working Mode stepper motor(servo motor for your optional)