XJ1325 Styrofoam cnc router

Feature and specialties:
(1)Adopt Shanghai Ncstudio control system,high precision,fast speed,German transmission system,Italy imported spindle
(2)Imported four-rpw ball bearing,linear guide widening,self-lubricating block to make equal force in all directions to ensure the mechanical accuracy and strength
(3)Z axis can be up to 1m,can work for material which are big and thick
(4)Intelligent processing cross-border protection,to prevent the mechianical impact due to excessive design document processing.

Styrofoam CNC Router can work on wood, EPS and non-metallic carbon material, making automotive foam mold, wooden metal aviation, trains and other wooden mold,carving 3D musical instruments,bumper,bonnet interior trim mold and aviation etc.

Diving system:Panasonic/Yaskawa/Delta servo system
spindle: HSD, Colombo, Chinese GS/GDZ/HQD spindle

inverter: SIFANG inverter,Fuling inverter

No. Description XJ1325
1 XYZ working size 1300*2500*600mm
2 Working table PVC and T-slot  
3 Gantry Steel gantry
4 Lathe structure Welding steel tube frame with cement filling
5 Transmission system Rack pinion for X/Y, Ball screw for Z
6 Driving system Leadshine860
7 Repositioning accuracy ±0.03mm
8 Max. travelling   speed 50000mm/min
9 Max. working speed 30000mm/min
10 Spindle and collet 5.5kw water-cooling spindle
11 Spindle speed 24000rpm
12 Working voltage 380/3ph
13 Command code G code(*uoo, *nc, *mmg, *plt)