LED luminous character processing cnc router

Technical parameters:

Model XJ1325
Working area 2500*1200*250mm
Engraving speed  20m/min
Repeatability accuracy 0.0025mm
Operating system SYNTEC
Spindle type 12000-24000rpm
Spindle type 9kw HSD air cooling 
Tool diameter Φ3.175,Φ6,Φ12.7mm
Driver system Servo motor and drive,Japan Panasonic
Transmission type XYZ axis with high precision Taiwan ball screw 
Auto Z tool sensor  Floating on the knife instrument


Features and specialties:

1 Adopt seamless welded heavy-duty industrial design, construction and welding anti-deformed FEM (finite element method), and machine frame heat treatment, ensure optimum strength and rigidity.

2 Using fixed-frame gantry,moving working table, more stability and less vibration.

3 Configuring multi-adjustable machine feet, easy to adjust the machine balance. 

4 Taiwan PMI precision linear square rails, and imported high-precision ball screw, high accuracy.

5 Imported Digital AC brushless servo motor, more powerful and faster speed.

6 Configuring the high-frequency, high-power automatic tool change spindle, low noise, large torque, low jitter, high cutting efficiency, high brightness products.

7 Professional matrix vacuum platform, large capacity, strong adsorption, independent control cabinet, the strength of electrical separation, maintenance more convenient

Applicable industry:
Mini word processing, Hypotenuse word processing, acrylic luminous characters, high-end advertising word, sign making process.
Other applicable industry:
Building models, plastic and wood models, three-dimensional surface processing of the musical instrument, also applies to copper, aluminum, iron plate engraving and cutting aluminum products industry.